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    The Wellness Revolution
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    How did a prototype beverage build a solid strategy to become a product with plans for Mexico-wide expansion?

    Yoi is an infusion of agave-cactus prebiotics; agave is an unique active ingredient that helps mitigate digestive stress and hydrate the body. Despite its benefits, the product remains in prototype phase, for which it faced a challenge confirming its market potential. Thanks to a Thrust consultation, Yoi not only identified its “market fit” but created an innovation pipeline throughout a new product category that additionally became the standard for a cause—inspiring and promoting the wellness revolution.

    Marketing and product matchmaking

    Thrust identified that Yoi’s differentiator was its agave prebiotics. Yoi characteristics combined the best of three different products with the difference that it did not have a high sugar content. As part of that insight, we created a new market category whose strategy went beyond promoting a brand to instead promote the potential commercialization of a future active ingredient. We also detected the market fit for this product was the so-called LOHAS (“lifetime of health and sustainability”) community, one of the fastest growing segments in recent years, with a worldwide value estimated at $546 million USD.

    Touchup needed

    A hybrid methodology—that combines a number of research tools—led us to determine the product’s organoleptic and experiential attributes; in other words, its color, texture, flavor and aroma. Based on as much, we devised an identity and an experience for the product’s consumption, in everything from the bottle’s structural design, to the branding campaign and an analogous activation. As first and last points we collaborated with Ariel Rojo Design Studio and Grupo W, whose talents and experience contributed to Yoi’s attractive look and feel as well as to the market launch.

    Pre-Activation demand

    The go-to-market strategy included planograms—merchandise location diagrams—at POSs, as well as an approach to local LOHAS-segment influencers to promote market penetration and adoption. That said, one of the most interesting points in our consultancy was the brand strategy. In addition to the product’s tangible benefits, we came up with a plan that lent Yoi a purpose and a cause we translated into a generational manifesto under the slogan “Join the Wellness Revolution.”

    Go big or go home

    After our consultancy journey, we were able to connect Yoi’s value-promise with distributors interested in adding more products to their portfolios. One month before launching, the first production lot was 100% sold, which accelerated the national expansion calendar, both on the market level as well as the distribution-partner level with the largest chains and price-clubs. Yoi went from being an Oaxacan businessman and food engineer’s prototype to becoming a successful business case in a growing segment. For our clients the trip became “go big or go home.” 

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