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    Protecting Mexico's Labor Force
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    How did Bamba go from impacting two million Mexicans’ lives to protecting the country’s entire workforce?

    In Mexico, some 2.1 million people work taking care of other people’s houses. Of those, 97% lack governmental social security. In 2016, Comunidad 4Uno was born, a platform that for four years offered a private healthcare model, with discounts and accident insurance for women domestic workers through their employers. However, Comunidad 4Uno was frequently associated with traditional medical insurance, that brought on ambiguity among audiences and made it hard to grow. With help from Thrust, Comunidad 4Uno evolved to become Bamba, a project that expanded its impact and scalability fifteen-fold over what it originally projected.

    Open up the need spectrum

    We conducted a study to understand perceptions on the part of the two principal audiences at which Comunidad 4Uno services were aimed: the women employers and the women that worked as domestics. Along the way, the pandemic made evident the vulnerable situation women domestic workers share with 30 million Mexicans who work without medical or labor protection plans. The first big wow moment was understanding the mission at Comunidad 4Uno, now Bamba, had the potential to impact fifteen times more human lives than we had originally contemplated.

    A user-centric platform

    C41 evolved into Bamba, whose purpose is protecting the entire Mexico labor force so that it can get ahead while leveraging three development pillars, specifically work, health and finances. To get there, the business strategy had to enable a multi-channel care system that would offer peace-of-mind to employers as well as workers. We created a platform that let users personalize and adapt financial, health and work-related solutions according to their particular needs, in the form of packages or modules. It includes everything from insurance and loans to payroll services.

    Peace and wellness for all

    To respond and connect to all the emotional and functional needs of the two main audiences—workers and employers—we created an identity strategy that humanizes and simplifies users’ experience with the service. We came up with sales tools and service rituals for clients, in line with key moments on the Bamba experience journey, in everything from explaining product benefits or their purchase and renovation to trying to anticipate problems. Additionally, we established a training program for Bamba’s female ambassadors and brokers who have joined the cause of generating social impacts by explaining and selling Bamba benefits. These efforts allow us to facilitate and strengthen the service’s perceived cost-benefit value.

    Simple, intuitive experiences

    Closely allied with Grupo W, we designed a platform that simplifies the sales process to key audiences, specifically employers, freelancers and businesses. The platform lets users design their own protection plans easily and intuitively and they additionally receive specialized guidance; they can access the platform flexibly, via the website or an app version.

    Protect Mexico’s labor force

    From thinking in terms of a two million potential user market, Bamba expanded its services to 30 million vulnerable Mexican workers. And not just that. The new model lets Bamba attack the B2B insurance market for large-scale employers with big worker payrolls. It means Bamba’s mission to protect the Mexican work force is not only being fulfilled but is also being consolidated.

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