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    Designing an Innovation-Driven Culture
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    How did we design an Innovation-Driven Culture that was able to take Casa Lumbre into a new era?

    Based in Mexico, Casa Lumbre is one of the few companies with a serial entrepreneurship model in the distilled spirits industry. The company was established in 2016 with a bold and clear purpose in mind: to challenge the industry’s limits creating the new generation of unique and culturally iconic brands. To this day, they’ve created solid and disruptive brands with relevant commercial presence in over 40 countries. Some of these brands include Ancho Reyes, Abasolo, Montelobos and Ojo de Tigre.

    In 2020, Casa Lumbre and Thrust worked hand in hand to design a multi-tribal culture that accomplished two main goals: to honor the DNA that had boosted Casa Lumbre’s success up to that point but also to take the company into a new era.

    A cultural challenge

    As soon as we implemented our analysis and research methodology, we understood the extremely unique and solid operating system that Casa Lumbre had been working with. It was completely different from other companies in the same industry. Nonetheless, all of its parts were detached from one another.

    Designing a multi-tribal culture

    We then recognized that, in order to re-connect all of the pieces from the operating system, we were up to a great challenge: to create a culture that would bring a sense of identity and selfhood to each one of the tribes, develop pride and honor towards every single brand and also create belonging among all people inside of Casa Lumbre.

    A purpose that will take us into the future

    One of the most vital moments for the success of the project was to design a purpose that was able to achieve three main goals. It had to be challenging enough to drive the business aims in the long term, to connect all people towards a common goal (to challenge the industry’s limits) and to work as a guide for every single person making decisions inside the company.

    How to go from a speedboat to a spaceship?

    In order to ensure that the operation can keep evolving, we had to go from being a speedboat that can move very fast in comparison to the transatlantic mega-boats to a spaceship that breaks the limits and borders of the established. That’s why we developed certain practices centered in strategic planning and talent’s growth throughout all of the companies areas, to create a synergy between the people’s and Casa Lumbre’s growth.

    A tribal personality

    To achieve full functionality of the multi-tribal culture, we created a strategy in which each one of the operating areas turned into a ‘house’ with a singular and unique identity that represents their values and abilities while creating a connection to the collective contribution.

    Reaching new horizons

    Since the beginning of the great relationship between Casa Lumbre and Thrust over one and a half year ago, impact has been shown in the consolidation of people and culture —not solely as an area inside of the organization, but rather— a main strategic axis that is moving the company’s goals and growth forward. We also accomplished a re-induction and alignment of this new way of thinking and vision. This will ensure Casa Lumbre will be an agile, relevant and innovating company heading into the industry’s future.

    “They helped us transforming the company’s vision into something solid and tangible.”
 — Moises Guindi, CEO Casa Lumbre.

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