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    Redefining The Moviegoing Experience
    User Centered Research | Prototyping | Pivoting Anlaysis

    This is how the second most important cinema exhibitor in the world prepared for the future.

    With 5000 screens in fourteen countries, Cinépois is the second most important cinema exhibitor in the world. That said, company leadership—as has happened in countless organizations from the present century—is facing the menace of an environment that never stops changing. In recent years, the tendency to consume audiovisual content on streaming platforms or smartphones has been on the rise. Looking to bring people back to the big screen, Cinépolis’s internal innovations team and Thrust proposed a challenge—imagining the future of cinema and moviegoing.

    Movie tribes

    To activate ideation, prototyping and new-experience validation, the first thing we did was to identify the specific incentives, frustrations and barriers that affect users who still go to movie theatres. We deployed a series of techniques and tools that ranged from ethnographies and everyday diaries to interview methodologies and virtual surveys, as well as analogue workshops and in-situ surveys in several different countries.  

    Route maps

    Our methodology, deployed in a number of the organization’s countries, revealed a set of behaviors among users we divided into two major “tribes.” Based on as much, we put together a statistical recommendations report for senior management at the company, intent on not just strengthening their current exhibition model but also adding on new trends in digital consumption.  

    Prototyping the future

    In parallel, we opened another line of research where we explored experience prototypes for each of the tribes, undertaking pivoting exercises for which we came up with “new ways of generating value experiences,” in line with needs concerning interaction, recreation and personal development at individual and community levels. 

    Desirable and doable

    Thanks to our consultancy, Cinépolis now has a vision, tools and service alternatives as well as experience with different user profiles. Our insights and recommendations allow them more than ever to face, in ways both agile and flexible, a reality whose constant is—and put simply, always will be—change. Cinema’s future is already here. 

    At Thrust we firmly believe that innovation doesn’t just add value for users but in fact also increases profits for businesses. Put another way, innovation should be business focused but client oriented. Yet our years of experience have also revealed that to innovate you have to a gambling mentality. You have to be ready to make mistakes. Moving a titan takes time; with the work we did we were able to decode its processes, a necessary step before taking on that nebulous future that awaits us. The titan is not dozing; he keeps moving forward and more than ever is training to throw down his next big blockbuster.

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