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    A responsive mindset towards change
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    How did GNC transform its mentality towards change into a responsive mindset through all levels of the organizations that allow them to become a truly omnichannel company?

    GNC is a multinational vitamin and nutrition company with a wide variety of health products. They expanded the brand into Mexican territory in 1991, and due to consumer acceptance and recognition in the nutrition sector they’ve been growing ever since, achieving over 650 sites to this day. However, when the pandemic hit, GNC identified great opportunities in the omnichannel business. In 2021, GNC sought out Thrust with the challenge of designing an adoption strategy towards change that would allow them to continue with their plans to become an omnichannel company, and at the same time, ensure that their employees have all the tools they need for this transformation process.

    Barriers of favorability towards change

    In order to design an assertive change adoption strategy, we began by understanding how people inside GNC felt through a tribal pulse. Within our methodology, we integrated different formats to analyze the operating system, the response towards previously implemented changes, and the way in which these affected the culture. After a long research process where we sat down with diverse profiles in the organization, we identified the main anxieties, needs and barriers about change, using our ‘Change Readiness’ methodology which allows us to identify the level of adoption in 5 different sectors; trust, capability, motivation, transcendence and justice.

    ‘Change Readiness’ model

    It’s a model based on neuro-scientific studies that show how social threats are registered in the human brain in the same wat that physical threats are. Therefore, cognitive function is directly affected and the level of adaptability towards change is reduced. The model takes into account 5 fronts: familiarity, certainty, autonomy, status and justice. This model allows us to identify threats so we can turn them into accelerators that favor change.

    Change adoption strategy

    As we started to implement our methodology, we were able to demonstrate that as a result of the pandemic, GNC was in a moment of evolution where a high number of simultaneous changes were taking place on different fronts of the of the organization. Therefore, it became essential to design an adoption strategy that transformed possible team anxieties by conveying total clarity regarding the transformation process through a series of personalized practices that facilitated the communication and implementation process. At the same time, we established indicators that would allow us to measure the favorability to change in all areas of the organization.

    Making the impact of the strategy more tangible

    Even though the transformation is still in process, having a tailored implementation strategy to ensure an assertive adoption at all levels of the organization, has allowed GNC to implement changes and develop an action plan aligned to its vision of expansion and growth. Likewise, thanks to the change adoption strategy, we were able to design an action plan to achieve a receptive mentality to the evolution processes at all levels of the organization, helping the GNC team realize the positive impact and the new opportunities that these new changes have to offer.

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