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    How did Empresas Aries develop a cultural system to accelerate growth for every one of the group businesses?

    Empresas Aries is a business consortium that employs more than 4000 persons throughout Mexico, in four key sectors (hospital care and clinical diagnosis; residential development and investment funds). Founded in 2007 by Ernesto López Clariond, EAS (Empresas Aries) has consolidated as one of the most important consortia in the country’s north, thanks to a business intuition that identifies opportunities and quickly invests in them. 

    Based on an expansion and new-brands acquisitions strategy, in 2019 EAS sought out Thrust with the challenge of designing a cultural systematization that would empower internal capacities for delivering excellent service that in turn would kick off capturing and retaining, plus loyalty from, current and potential clients, majorly accelerating growth in every company in the group.

    It all starts at the top

    To design the strategic base of a multi-organizational culture we started by understanding from top to bottom the organization’s pulse. We integrated different immersive and analytical methodologies to systematically understand the central elements that defined (at that time) the operating system, decision-making and the way this was impacting culture, leadership and operations in every business independently. After four months’ intense immersion we disclosed the existence of fractures (a natural in light of the organization’s accelerated growth) that were causing the culture to depend on a sole, idealized leadership figure—instead of a sustainable ideological system that could boost healthy, consistent practices with regard to every businesses’ objectives.     

    Extraordinary service that impacts millions of Mexicans’ lives

    One of the most revealing moments in the project was identifying that the benefits of belonging to a solid group with an ambitious growth vision and tangible outcomes, were not evident at all levels of the organization. With that in mind, we designed an operative system that would allow us to unify the entire group’s ideology, at the same time making evident each business’s contribution, converting the proposal into the central axis along which to activate a sense of pride and belonging when it came to EAS. 

    Detonating a sense of belonging

    In the same way, we consolidate the central leadership system through a series of transversal practices, which fosters a series of key behaviors to ensure a sense of empowerment and appropriation that will be reflected in an extraordinary customer service to impact life. of millions of people.

    Sustainable culture

    Even as the process of cultural transformation is still underway, having an ideological and operative system that looks out for the sustainability of a person-centered culture also in line with the business’s challenges, has guaranteed EAS was able to smoothly, agilely and efficiently integrate four new brands (and cultures) to the group only six months after the project’s end. 

    Responsive adaptation

    Thanks to the mindset and practices we installed right as the pandemic arrived, EAS was able to confront the crisis responsively, not only empowering and strengthening healthcare services businesses (Swisshospital + Grupo Diagnóstico Aries) but also driving them to accelerate outcomes, take care of personnel and achieve what had never been seen before… Today, each of the group brands functions with person-centered strategy and an operative model that is more efficient and more prepared for the future.

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