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    How did Xertica come to create its methodology to accelerate the next level of digital optimization in Latin America?

    The digital era revolutionized doing business. Xertica, a consultancy that came out of a merger between three companies with presence in four Latin American nations, was born with the idea of helping the region’s businesses transition to digital operations. With help from Thrust, Xertica went from a consultancy model focused on moving software to a true strategic partner that, above all, walks with and empowers business leaders to implement technological solutions in their enterprises. By leveraging its talented digital accelerations team, Xertica is currently catalyzing digital transformations in organizations throughout Latin America.   

    The Xertica way

    The first discovery we detected was that after the merger, the company suffered the effects of a culture issue. Xertica operated with varying manuals that hampered the integration of a single team identity. We aligned the riches, diversity and values of all areas to draft The Xertica Way. And we did it in a way so that culture at Xertica could become synonymous with transformation and accountably, with no regard to borders.  

    Mindset changers 

    We simultaneously identified a great area of opportunity for the company’s value proposal. The goal was not to focus on preaching at businesses to adopt new-platforms and technologies but rather in truly helping them during transitions both vertical and horizontal, through a mindset of digital transformation.  

    The X-Factor

    In collaboration with MIT, we created the X-Factor Methodology that empowers and optimizes fundamental areas on businesses’ value-chains, such as employee experiences, client experiences, data analyses and infrastructure for cloud services. Thus, Xertica became a business consultant able to compete with any other major player, but with the agility and mentality of kids in a startup. 

    Different audiences

    Another important point was understanding sub-tribes that existed inside the organization. It led to three programs at each group. Exponential X was a coefficient that measured and reported impacts to the team and stockholders, not unlike the Nasdaq; Network X was a recruiting, retention and updating program aimed at client and potential client CEOs; and Catalyst X was an internal talent-development academy at which CENTRO University faculty member Karla Paniagua participated in the design of a study plan.  

    Impact for sale

    To empower Xertica as a team of game-changers, we designed a messages, culture and practices strategy based on an environment made up of a series of elements, spaces and tools designed to kick up the new culture’s abilities, attitudes and performance. Xertica’s identity was steered toward demonstrating Xertica not only sold software but measured impact as well.

    Partner of the year

    Xertica is currently considered Latin America’s leading digital transformation consultancy. Its partner portfolio includes Workplace, Facebook and Salesforce. Google has additionally recognized it as a Premium Partner, a laurel not easy to acquire. Even with its four talented teams navigating at different speeds, it can proudly say today everyone is in the same boat to a new and promising world: the future digital transformation that all Latin America needs.   

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